Protein Power Shakes

Once your children are in this environment there are any number of powder pimps pushing expensive and potentially harmful cocktails of “performance enhancing” product. Those of you with teenage boys won’t need to be told they need more testosterone, steroids or massive hits of caffeine.

There is a real need to provide a higher protein content than in a normal diet for sporty children. They need enough for normal growth and development, plus more to fuel high levels of exercise. Protein is a very important part of the human make up, helping to build and repair tissue, skin, muscles and healthy blood. Unlike fat and carbohydrate, the body does not store protein and therefore needs regularly topping up.

Everywhere you look the diet industry is pushing shakes, protein bars, sexed up peanut butter, etc., so that they can have a share of the trendy protein pie. So, how to get a natural protein into them without a chemical based shake or expensive, sugar laden bars ?

I have a few tactics for this …..The fridge needs to have a good supply of grab and go snacks – cooked, marinated chicken thighs (tandoori lurks there today), bowls of hard boiled eggs, gallons of milk, handfuls of spinach.

Together with some store cupboard staples, try a few of the following for a good protein hit or snack:

  • Baked beans on toast (I use Heinz Five Beanz)
  • Wholegrain cereals with milk
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • Fruit smoothie with oats and spinach thrown in
  • Packets of almonds
  • Lean beef, wrapped in multigrain wrap with spinach, pomegranate seeds and hummus
  • Fish – smoked salmon in a wholegrain bagel, smoked mackerel mashed with Greek yogurt and lemon juice, piled on super seeded oat cakes

We have a shake make on the kitchen work surface the canisters of which serve as carry out drinks flasks, ready to fill, smooth together and go. Make sure the freezer has a supply of frozen fruit and berries, as often they leave it to the last minute and negotiating the fruit bowl seems like too much hard work for them. An example of what we may throw in would look something like this:

High Protein Super Shake – Makes 2

Handful of frozen berries

Handful of organic rolled oats

Handful of spinach

slices of apple/mango/pear, fresh or frozen

One banana, fresh or frozen

100g Greek yoghurt/Wholegrain strawberry yoghurt (I use Onken)

1 raw organic egg

Good glug of semi skimmed milk


Whizz and serve. If you’re working with more fresh ingredients, add a few ice cubes to get the temperature down and hydration levels up.

  • Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes – Anita Bean
  • Food for Fitness – Anita Bean

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  1. Next Level Blogging says:

    These are great ideas for grab-and-go snacks, high in protein. I never thought to add spinich to fruit smoothie, but I’ll give it a try.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t like powders, I know a lot of people really believe i them. I think things like peanut butter, banana, chicken, beans and buts do the same things and cost a lot less.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kaveri obhan says:

    This is a very informative post ! My brother has become a gym freak recently and I will ne sharing this with him.


  4. Hatsuharu says:

    There are a lot ways to have proteins than powder. Meat and beans are great for these. As for fruits, guavas and other berries are high in protein.


  5. Absolutely. And they disengage the user from connecting with the food they eat as if it has no bearing on the end results.


  6. Colleen Wool says:

    What a great post. Protein powders are so great for on the go.


  7. Nancy G says:

    how timely! Am just getting ready to hit the gym again (after the whole new year resolutions hype dies down)
    This is helpful because I want to build muscle without stuffing myself with good.


  8. Rosey Marie says:

    My son is 28 and he hits the gym regularly. He’s been going a long time (a lot of years) so he’s very fit. It’s a lifestyle. Protein Powder is def. in the mix (haha, that’s punny but true). I am not sure about the benefits or detriments. I worry about anything that comes in a can, powder, pill or bottle.


  9. ohmummymia says:

    I don’t like that powders but I love proteins bars


    1. Check out these –
      Absolutely delicious and really nutritious!


  10. I have never had protein shakes but have heard so much about them. I love protein bars though!!!


  11. This is a great source of protein because it has more vegetables than meat. I am just curious if it is also good for the kids.


  12. OvenStruck says:

    Absolutely love spinach in my fruit smoothies. All the nutrients and vitamins however with all the berries, you can’t even taste the spinach. I don’t mind it but the kids aren’t fond of it so that’s a plus!


  13. Elizabeth O says:

    Protein powder drinks are such a rage now that you can make them in all sorts of flavors and combos. They can be filling or not; it all depends on the blend of ingredients.


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