A Running Breakfast, Italian Style


This beautiful view was the venue for this mornings family run, hampered by my constant slowing down to take photos of the scenery, cars and other peoples houses, much to my husbands annoyance. However, it makes me happy to bring a bit of Italy back to Somerset, even if it’s on my computer screen.


All very distracting, this landscape……




I have often enjoyed a piadina in Italy – a light toasted flatbread snack of ham, mozzarella, cheese, vegetables, – whatever you like and have managed to source a UK supplier who sell such things to replicate at home. Crosta and Mollica do organic wholeblend Italian flatbreads although other suppliers are available, depending on your supermarket/supplier of choice.


This morning our filling of choice is a dry fried egg over easy, spinach, ham, brown sauce and a strong coffee. Add freshly squeezed juice and fruit on the side and you’re good to go until lunchtime on a low carb, high protein power snack.


Simply take a frying pan, heat (no oil) and warm the flatbread on it gently. Flip over and fill half of the flatbread with your chosen ingredients, wait until the other side is toasted, fold and plate. A great low carb option for a tasty brunch post exercise.

IMG_0240Have a great week – happy snacking!



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