Halloumi and Chorizo Kebabs

BBQ! At last!

We have had 7 days without rain here in Somerset, so summer has been declared. Time to break out the coals.

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An easy one this…..easy to assemble, quick and easy to cook. Multiply the quantities to suit numbers around the table. These would travel well for a beach BBQ to be served with a green salad and a cheeky beer.

Halloumi & Chorizo Kebabs – Serves 4

Approx 125g / Half a ring of good quality chorizo, cut on the diagonal to make longer slices

2 x courgettes, cut on the diagonal also

2 x packs low fat halloumi, sliced carefully

1 strip of vine tomatoes for each two people

1 packet of microwave spelt or whole grains per two persons

For the marinade:

2 x fat cloves garlic, crushed

3 x tbsp olive oil

1 x grated rind of a lemon

Lots of freshly ground black pepper


Thread the main ingredients onto two metal skewers alternately. Lie in a shallow baking tray.

Mix the marinade ingredients together and brush over the kebabs. Cover and refrigerate for an hour or more until you’re ready to cook.


Pop them on a medium grill turning until all cooked and golden (approx. 10 minutes). Let the tomatoes join them for the last few minutes until their skins are bursting and juicy.


Prepare the spelt and plate on individual plates or a sharing platter. The tomatoes will burst when they are introduced to a table fork, self saucing the spelt with beautiful calorie light summer flavour.

Enjoy the sun everyone and the beautiful bright colours it brings.

Onesportymother x


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