Humble Superfood

DSCF1494As two out of the five in our family suffer from an autoimmune condition, there is usually some of this mixture skulking in the fridge to provide a fast, tasty snack, to top baked potatoes, stir through pasta and offer impromptu guests a show off bruschetta, casually sprinkled with freshly torn basil and flat leaf parsley.

I hesitate to use the term superfood as it’s really a marketing term…. all food in moderation is super. However, cooked tomatoes have amplified cancer busting health benefits. When mixed with the turmeric and black pepper they offer a great hit of flavour with an anti-inflammatory bullet.

Simply mix together some very ripe tomatoes, sliced garlic and a sliced yellow pepper with a good slug of olive oil, 2 x tsp of turmeric, sea salt and fresh black pepper and throw into a moderately hot (Gas 6/200) oven for 30-40 minutes. Cool and store in the fridge for when they are needed.

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  1. elenasts says:

    This is looks so easy to prepare and yet it looks yummy. Great idea I think I am going to try it asap


  2. This looks so yummy! I’d love to go cook pasta now and use that as a sauce, that would be amazing!


  3. Krista Bel says:

    Thus us the shortest most awesome recipe ever. If only my textbooks could come in versions like these.😂


  4. Stressed Mum says:

    What a great little recipe, I always have over ripe tomatoes in my fridge, I am going to make this next time x


  5. Elena Nemets says:

    This is a bit like Macedonian salad (only the latter is with onion instead of garlic). Really tasty and fast.


  6. As I read this post, I was shocked by how short the recipe is. This is definitely one I’ll be trying. I’ll let you know how it goes. It looks delicious!


  7. I like them on top of a margherita pizza. In salads as well!


  8. This sounds like a great side dish. Thanks for sharing a tasty and healthy superfood.


  9. alisonrost says:

    Sounds delish! We’re huge tomato fans at our house .. especially during the summer months when they’re ripe off the vine. I say any food that your family will eat, that’s healthy is the most wonderful superfood ever!


  10. No Bland Makeup says:

    I’m a weirdo who loves eating raw tomatoes, but I’ll try this out. Who knows, maybe I’ll wind up liking them more lol.


  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love cooking and having tomatoes. They’re really known to make flavors come together. I’ve never had that tomato-turmeric combination before though. Now I’m curious.


  12. Packed with anti-inflammatory action! Try it stirred through pasta x


  13. Violinkit says:

    I adore this recipe and especially anything with tomatoes. My mum used to grow them… every variety from cherry to the large beef ones. They were the sweetest tasting tomatoes I have ever tasted and quite spoiled me from the supermarket varieties……I miss them and her…


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