A Fish Buying Guide

Seller-buyerWhy Buy?

The reasons to maximise fish in our diets go on and on….. they contain crucial nutrients for development giving Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D. It is linked to reduced risk of autoimmune diseases, reduction of asthma in children, improved long term eye sight and better sleep. And that’s just for starters…

I spent some time with the Marine Conservation Society last week and they publish a very helpful guide into how and what to buy in the fish department, giving great suggestions for alternatives to cod, haddock, salmon and prawns which we have all got too reliant on. They even have an app called the Good Fish Guide which is available on iOS and android.

If we buy wisely, not only can we bump up the super array of vitamins and protein consumed by our families but it will reduce the impact on the oceans. Try and buy local (as ever!) and try if at all possible to check that all you consume is sustainable and is at a good stock level.

Check your labels – An ASC or MSC eco label indicates the fish is sustainably resourced, of higher welfare standards and/or responsibly farmed. If you are buying farmed fish, try to buy organic.

If you are buying the kids favourite fish fingers, try and find some made with certified fish or Alaskan pollock. Avoid all bluefin tuna and go for line & pole caught instead. Also avoid the restauranteurs favourite sea bass if it’s not onshore farmed. The wild guys are in short supply and need time to recover. Did you know that the common skate is more endangered than the snow leopard?

Try something new – mackerel and hake are packed with nutrients and can be filleted to substitute the old favourites like cod or haddock.

I am aiming for 3 meals a week at least with fish and it’s fun to try and find new ways of getting it into the kids. With summer coming we will be doing lots of BBQing and getting some shellfish on the grill. Grilled scallops with crispy bacon is a firm favourite but I’ll be making sure they are hand dived or MSC certified otherwise the guilt from damaging sea beds ruins the taste.

Any ideas gratefully received – what are you going to cook up this week?




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  1. Wow.. I really like fish! We usually make them in the oven and I try to eat at least once a week!! All those vitamins are only making you stronger!!


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