Oh So Popular Smoked Mackerel Pate

Absolutely delicious, quick, cheap, easy and bang on nutritionally – what more do you want???

Simply throw all the ingredients together in a mini food processor and present to your kiddies after swimming with some crackers or I add seeds, chilli oil and in this case chilli pepper pearls for a posh convivial side to drinks for unexpected guests.

Keep the mackerel fillets in the freezer for to give you this last minute, tasty option. I have substituted feta for hummus and/or cottage cheese in the past so try whatever you find in the fridge and give it a go.

Everyone Loves Me Mackerel Pate

1 x packet 150-200g smoked mackerel

50g feta cheese

1 x dollop of low fat creme fraíche

Juice of one lemon and half of it’s zest

Season to taste



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