Fast & Tasty Chicken Salad Platter

Lots of faces around the table in the garden this afternoon enjoying the last of the summer sun. None of them much want to come in so I took the food to them.

A warm summer salad of roast (or rotisserie if you can’t be bothered) with tiny crispy skin on potatoes, leaned on a spinach salad and dressed with warm roasted tomatoes and garlic.. I usually have some of these in the fridge and pop them into all sorts of things.

The potatoes don’t need to be too many in quantity but add a nice crunch and colour to the platter – like a summer roast chicken lunch almost. Leaving the skins on lends fibre and flavour and the garlic makes your house smell like a home should. Again with quantities, double or triple of you need to, there are no rules.

Summer Chicken Salad Platter – Serves 4-6 ish

I x large roasted chicken, cooked with garlic and lemon and seasoned well.

1 x bag salad

1/2 bag baby spinach

salad dressing of your choice

400g Maris Piper potatoes, chopped small

1 x bulb garlic, split into cloves and lightly crushed

1 cup of roasted tomatoes and garlic

Heat a little rape seed oil in a large oven dish and toss the potato chunks and garlic into it. Roast for approx 45 minutes in a hot oven, turning occasionally.

Oil the largest wooden tray or platter you have with a spoonful of olive oil and rub in until it shines. Lightly dress the salad leaves and spinach in a large bowl and pile into the centre.

Carve the chicken into chunks and place over the leaves. Season and dress with the tomatoes and garlic, slightly warmed (I use the microwave).

Tip your crispy potatoes on the side and whisk the whole lot out into the garden to accompany some cold drinks, laughing teens and friends. A little fresh garlic mayo does this no harm nor does home made tomato sauce, straight from the fridge.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday – may all your family and friends be happy and safe.

Onesportymother xxx





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