Start Them Young!

Baby Yoga at the River Cottage Summer Festival 2017

A good time was had by all at the River Cottage HQ in Devon this glorious bank holiday weekend – the sun shone on a fabulous family event where foodies and families mixed to see the best of what this part of the world has to offer.

Part of the education process that brings children into a healthy and active lifestyle is engaging with them very young – involving them in your own physical activities and in the preparation of the food that goes on the family table. An important element in my view is getting them interested in the integrity of the base ingredients you use – fresh, healthy and ethical. Food markets and festivals are a great way to do this – most offer tastings of their wares in tiny quantities so that children can sample a fresh local goats cheese, a flavoured oil, a juicy olive, without feeling press ganged into a plate full of food they might not like.

Culmstock Chilli Company selling herbs and delicious sides for the kitchen
Fussels rape seed oil supplier – lots of flavours to infuse your food with – rape seed oil can be cooked at high temperatures so their garlic and oak smoked oils have earned a place in my kitchen
Organic ice creams in the sun
The organic kitchen garden at River Cottage HQ
Pears ripening in the sun in the walled garden at River Cottage HQ
Veggie treats in the food village
Families flock to the treats on offer at the food village – River Cottage Summer Festival 2017
Fresh pizza is always a winner! Served healthy style with fresh goats cheese, veggies and other delicious toppings from the Rebel Town Pizza 
Resting with organic infusions from Pukka
Bubbles are a fail safe hit with the children every time! Running about in the sun is as good an exercise as any
Summer flowers from Meadowsweet
Summer jewellery from Meadowsweet Florists
Good music adds to the atmosphere at River Cottage HQ

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